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"I am so thrilled with her new book..."

Amrit has been our expert fitness columnist for the past two years. When it
came to fitness and giving it a South Asian perspective, she brought to the
forefront not only her passionate ideas but also her unique philosophy of
life and healthy living ‹ a combination that is rarely found in today's
fitness-deprived world. Amrit's columns simply exuded the vitality and
tremendous positive energy, which our international readers quickly
connected with. I am so thrilled with her new book and I'm eager to have
everyone discover what we've known all along: that her uplifting spirit is
simply contagious.”

Hina P. Ansari    Toronto, Canada
Editor-In-Chief / ANOKHI Magazine

"Her GlamFit column has created an impressive impact among the Middle Eastern fitness enthusiasts..."

Amrit is totally dedicated to her job. She is very professional and friendly to work with. She has been an integral part of ExtraFit Magazine and her articles are always thought provoking, especially her GlamFit column has created an impressive impact among the Middle Eastern fitness enthusiasts

Amjad Vanimal    Doha, Qatar
Founder & Managing Editor
ExtraFit Magazine

"She’s the REAL DEAL! "

Working with Amrit on this GlamFit E-book and having reviewed it thoroughly, I truly believe this is a MUST-HAVE information GEM! Amrits knowledge is not only that of a world renowned fitness/beauty expert but she also has the real-world experiences to help anyone look and feel better! She’s the REAL DEAL! Do yourself a favor and buy this AMAZING E-book...You’ll thank me later!

Rehan Jalali, CSN   Beverly hills, Ca.
Celebrity Fitness Expert
Author - “The Six-Pack Diet Plan”
and “The Sports Supplement Buyers Guide”

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"Amrit’s charisma, knowledge and moral support helped me to get where I am in my career today."

As a model with over 20 years in the fashion industry, I am continuously searching for new beauty tips and secrets. A couple of years ago, I decided to make a drastic lifestyle change. I combined my lifetime passion for fashion with a new-found love of fitness. I immediately sought the advice of a colleague of mine, fitness model Amrit Dhaliwal. Amrit’s charisma, knowledge and moral support helped me to get where I am in my career today. Amrit’s knowledge is not just on paper; she has graced catwalks, frequented sets, and has trained her way to become a WBFF Diva.  I now can find all the information I need in one perfect package, thanks to Amrit and Glamfit!

Tressia Murphy, Cornwall, Canada
International Fashion and Fitness Model

"...the one thing that stands out above all else is her passion for helping others. "

I've known Amrit for approximately 7 years and besides being a nationally ranked fitness model and her obvious beauty and intelligence, the one thing that stands out above all else is her passion for helping others. Thus founding Glamfit and writing this e-book was the next natural step in her journey of helping others be the best they can be. Congratulations!”

Rodney De Freitas,  Toronto, Canada

DeFreitas Lifestyle Apparel

"Her commitment to health, physical and spiritual fitness are the real deal people."

What can I say about Amrit Dhaliwal that you don't already know? Probably not too much that hasn't already been written extolling her talents in the past 5 years. Amrit brings nothing less than her A Game to town and she backs it up with the specific dedicated knowledge and training that, truly, only the educated pros have the authority to call their own. Her commitment to health, physical and spiritual fitness are the real deal people. What you will find here is solid fact gained by research, profound results achieved by hard work and application of proven techniques. You can't win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket...INVEST! Buy your ticket. Invest in your best mind, body and soul fitness. Glamfit by Amrit. You give, you get, that simple.

Jayne Sharpe  Honolulu, Hawaii

"Her vast array of knowledge regarding health, beauty, nutrition and much more is nothing short of incredible."

I have had the honor to know Amrit on many levels over the years. Her vast array of knowledge regarding health, beauty, nutrition and much more is nothing short of incredible. I find it even more inspiring that she lives and breaths a life style, a Glamfit lifestyle, that most women should aspire to. Amrit is one of a kind. I'm thrilled that she will be sharing her wisdom through her e-book with everyone. I whole-heartedly feel that her e-book will benefit anyone who reads it by inspiring, empowering and educating. Whether you are already a professional in the health and wellness industry or a new comer who wants their life to take a turn towards, Amrit's unique vision will have something for everyone.

Tanya Théberge Toronto, Canada
International Swimwear Designer and Fitness Competitor

"Finally, an all-in-one book for a gal's
essential needs!"

Amrit Dhaliwal is a friend, a coach, and an inspiration who exudes effortless glamour and genuine sincerity; a true beauty inside and out. In Glamfit, you get a sense of her impeccable sense of fashion and poise. Composed of all her secrets, Amrit's Glamfit enlightens women of all background and age providing a clear step-by-step illustration on what she knows best --- from beauty, detox, anti-aging, nutrition, weight training to a complete makeover - red carpet style, this will be your go-to guide for years to come. Finally, an all-in-one book for a gal's essential needs!

Yogini Jules Sung Toronto, Canada
Yoga Instructor & Ayurveda Consultant

"...give her an hour, and she will give you the key to a whole new body and transform your life. "

Amrit definitely has captured a familiar audience. Amrit and her Glamfit methods recreate our health, nutrition, exercise and beauty; and we become transformed. For me, as a designer, I want to "Wow You" the moment you walk through my door! With Glamfit, Amrit has captured one in the same, she will "WOW YOU", give her an hour, and she will give you the key to a whole new body and transform your life. Amrit combines years of experience for the body, mind & soul, mixed in with so much knowledge. Amrit delivers her truth through "Glamfit"! This woman is a breath of fresh air!

Chantel C Snyder Calgary, Alberta

CCS Designs International Inc.

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